Steve King - Celebrant


I want to give you the wedding of a lifetime. Read on if you want me tell your story and create memorable, personalised, bespoke ceremonies that's different from any other.........

You don't have to be a "Gay Celebrant" to do gay weddings, "for better or worse" any qualified and registered celebrant could do the job. But the question is, would they understand our communities wants and desires as well as we do? 

As part of this community, for decades I have fought for equal rights and since John Howard changed the laws in 2004 I have fought for marriage equality with people like Rodney Croome and Ivan Hinton-Teoh. This is why I call myself an Equality Marriage Celebrant.

I am motivated out of a passion, so I care about making your ceremony the best possible experience for everyone involved, with special attention on YOU.  I take care of all the small, tedious legal details and arrangements so that you can focus on the important and fun stuff. That’s why I make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the special day you imagine is not only the experience you’ll get, but the one you deserve.

I work across various cultures to blend the traditional with the legal requirements. I undertake to make your wedding one of the very best days of your life. When it comes to your ceremony, whatever you need to make your day special, I will help make it happen. This is my guarantee to you.  Let’s go on a date, grab a coffee, get to know each other and who knows, it might be the start of the perfect wedding. 

BTW, just for the record, YES, I am a "Gay Celebrant" ;)


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