Randall Berger - Equality Celebrant


Be it a wedding, funeral, naming, coming of age or dedication, I will be guided by you. I strongly support Marriage Equality.

I have been a strong advocate of marriage equality for many years. In fact, it is the reason I became a Celebrant in the first place in 2011!

In gaining my qualifications in Celebrancy, I came to realise there are many more ways to help the Same Sex community, apart from pushing to make Marriage Equality a reality for the past 5 years!  

Funerals and other ceremonies need a sensitivity to the people involved and their relationships.  Many friends have had difficulty when their partner died and the families have not come to grips with the nature of their relationship.  

"Next Of Kin" is one of the factors that will immediately be rectified when a legal marriage is entered into, along with custody and property. 

I created a group called AUSTRALIAN CELEBRANTS FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY even before I qualified, because I knew there would be a need when the time came. 

My mission is to offer professional Celebrancy services throughout Victoria and further the cause of secular Celebrancy throughout Australia. Everyone deserves the right to a ceremony that can best meet their needs, be it for a wedding, funeral, naming, coming-of-age, anniversary, sorry ceremony, divorce or pet funeral.

I can assist you in creating a memorable, meaningful and professional ceremony. I completed my studies in Celebrancy in 2011 at Victoria University. I was registered by the Commonwealth Attorney General in June, 2012.

The scope of my services includes Weddings, Commitment ceremonies, funerals or memorials, newborn namings, blessings, divorce ceremonies, coming of age, secular rituals and ceremonies, sorry ceremonies, pet funerals, home blessings.

Remember, always consult a Celebrant first.

DON'T FORGET: You must give a MINIMUM of one months notice of your intention to marry, on the Notice Of Intention form, completed WITH THE CELEBRANT who must sight original documents. You can also do this a maximum of 18 months ahead of time.


• All legal marriages in Australia are under the Commonwealth Marriage Act since 1961.
• It is called “Marriage” because it is under the Marriage Act.
• The Marriage Act does not mention God, Jesus, any religion or religious deity.
• The Marriage Act does not mention love or the ability to have children.
• The Marriage Act is a completely secular document open to use by all beliefs.
• The majority of marriages in Australia are secular and solemnised by Celebrants.
• Commonwealth Celebrants are authorised by the Attorney-General, not ordained.
• At the heart of a legal marriage is a simple sworn and witnessed Statutory Declaration.
• Religious Marriages are simply Commonwealth marriages officiated by religious celebrants.
• Legal marriage immediately grants rights like kinship, property and benefits.
• Gender was never part of The Marriage Act until Parliament amended it in 2004.


• A legal marriage offers equal protection under the law.
• With a legal marriage, you are immediately the next-of-kin.
• A legal marriage offers all the partner rights of The Constitution.
• A legal marriage is immediately valid, unlike defacto rights.
• A legal marriage offers immediate joint property and inheritance rights.
• A legal marriage offers undeniable rights to benefits and insurance.
• The rights of a partner in a legal marriage cannot be denied by blood relations.
• A legal marriage is a sworn, binding contract that can only be broken in a court of Family Law.

Randall Berger - Equality Celebrant


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