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Offering the largest collection of wedding bands in Australia available to the public, Mondial by Nadia Neuman is the destination for unique and inspired engagement rings and wedding bands.

Contemporary award winning designer, Nadia Neuman, has established herself as one of Australia’s most distinguished jewellery designers. Her passion for exquisite gems, bold designs and crafting meaningful pieces has driven her outstanding work pushing the boundaries of design and the jewellery industry. 

A contemporary, award winning designer, Nadia aims to offer endless choices for both men and women.

Due to the Mondial Groups passion for equality, Nadia proudly launched the Australian Marriage Equality Ring in 2014 to boldly represent her commitment to this worthwhile and personal cause. Understanding that jewellery often holds sentimental meaning, Nadia hoped that those purchasing the AME Ring would be able to reflect on their own contribution to achieving marriage equality in Australia. 

Her collection of women’s wedding bands includes white, yellow, and rose gold pieces, ranging from sleek and contemporary to fine diamond set bands. Unique patterns and personalised engravings are available, providing a special way to add meaning and personality to your rings. 

Nadia’s unique and symbolic approach to design has resulted in her acknowledgement as one of Australia’s most distinguished jewellers, recognised for her innovative design approach and use of sustainable and organic materials.


Daughter of Mondial founders Fred and Maria Neuman, Nadia grew up in the jewellery industry and naturally found herself falling in love with beautiful coloured gemstones. Over time she found that her artistic nature fit perfectly into the area of jewellery design, which led to her role as Creative Director in the Mondial family business.

In November 2009, Mondial by Nadia Neuman opened in the Strand Arcade in Sydney. The store and its collections reflect Nadia’s contemporary flair and love of rare and exquisite precious coloured gemstone jewellery. Working in the store herself, Nadia is able to craft bespoke jewellery for clients to truly reflect their personality and style.

“My family has always been in the jewellery industry and therefore I grew up being surrounded by beautiful jewels. This inspired my love and passion for natural coloured gemstones and their individual uniqueness, which l incorporate into my contemporary designs. My customers come to our shop in The Strand because they want to sit with the designer and create a piece just for them with the designer boutique my own space to design with freedom and create as I wish.” – Nadia Neuman

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