Benny Roff

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Benny is a Melbourne marriage celebrant who has conducted a diverse range of marriage ceremonies, from the Great Rift Valley of Africa to the sands of Brighton in Melbourne. Benny's approach to wedding ceremonies is both easy going and highly professional.

Drawing on his experience as a writer and performer, Benny takes the time to write very personal marriage ceremonies that are also highly entertaining.

Getting married can be a whole lot of fun, in fact it should be a whole lot of fun. Benny is part of a small but growing group of Melbourne marriage celebrants that consider good performance and natural storytelling as essential to a wedding ceremony. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, full of interesting people. Their beliefs, style, humour and lives in general are fantastically diverse. 

Benny enters each wedding ceremony with an open mind and a sense of adventure. He distinctively tailors each wedding to the couple with regard to their individual personalities and experiences. Benny is a true professional creating ceremonies that are as enjoyable as they are significant.

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