Woodlands of Marburg

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Built in 1890, yet only open to the public for the first time in 2002 following extensive renovations and restorations, Woodlands of Marburg is a plantation-style estate which belies an intriguing past.

About us

Michael & Randall the New Lessees were married at Woodlands in 2016 and loved the venue so much, they purchased the lease in 2017 to help create all other Same Sex Marriages a reality.

During the last century, the property has developed a diverse and significant local history with unique characteristics from each period including a hand dug swimming pool, a Grotto (open-aired chapel) and even a small cemetery from its days as a seminary in World War II.
The most recent addition to the property is a small vineyard with its own label of boutique wines, as well as the relocation and restoration of the local townships’ 19th Century chapel.

The elevated home site is surrounded by beautiful Jacaranda Trees and Bunya Pines, providing a natural retreat from the outside world.

The Early Years

In 1870, the land which the property occupies was chosen by Charles Smith, a sawmill operator from Walloon, to relocate his thriving business. By 1890, the Woodlands mansion was completed and became the family home to Thomas, Mary and their 11 children.

Trackson’s Electrical and Lighting Company were commissioned by Thomas to erect a telephone line from the estate into the Marburg township. Woodlands was the first estate of its kind to install electricity in 1885 in the mill, office, stables and mansion. In fact, Woodlands was lit even before Parliament House in Brisbane!

The Divine Word Mission

In 1944, Woodlands was sold to the Order of the Divine Word, a missionary order founded in Holland, to be used as a rest home for missionaries evacuated from New Guinea during World War II.

Ipswich Grammar School

The Ipswich Grammar School purchased Woodlands in 1986. Over the next sixteen years, it played an important role in school life, being used for personal development courses and extension activities. It also operated as a corporate retreat to support the maintenance of the estate’s buildings and grounds.


In September 2002, the Woodlands estate went under the hammer again, this time purchased by a local family, the Coopers, who opened the estate to the public and began restoring it to its original glory.

The mansion and its grounds are rich with history and tales of its owners and visitors, alike which are told through the remarkable architecture and furnishing that have been preserved and restored.

Woodlands of Marburg is now a popular and unique location for romantic get aways, day visits, dining and beautiful weddings. 

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