Will You Mary Me

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For couples who can't legally be married, you CAN be MARYED!

Offering the best in Commitment Ceremonies for the LGBTQIA Community

This is YOUR celebration and I'll do it YOUR way! There is nothing more powerful than the love between two people and just because that love doesn't conform, doesn't mean we can't enjoy and embrace it.  Will You Mary Me is all about helping YOU show the world how much YOU love each other with as much style and pizazz (or not) as you wish.  

I will provide as much support via email, text and phone as required and I will have an initial meeting with the couple and then further down the track meet again to make sure everything is in order and the couple are happy with everything. I am also available for a rehearsal should you require one.

I also include a PA system which plays music (MP3, USB, CD & Memory Card) and can be utilised by your for music throughout the ceremony (you provide the person to press play!). I provide a table and chairs for the signing of the register (with table decorations and cloth) and if required I can provide an arbour/arch as a bonus.

Locations: The Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney

Contact me either by phone (call or text) or email. It may take a little longer for me to get back to you via email but within 12 hours of your enquiry!

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