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Throughout History and across Cultures, Wedding and commitment Rings have been exchanged between Lovers
as a symbol of their enduring devotion and love for one another. A union of two hearts.

In early times, wedding and commitment rings were made from a variety of materials like Leather, Ivory and Bone. Over time, the tradition evolved and spread amongst religions and cultures, and wedding and commitment rings were made from more precious materials as a symbol of everlasting, immortal love.

Eternal by Mondial appreciates the sacred meaning of this gesture, and believes that the wedding and commitment rings worn to formally bond a couple should be as unique and special as the bond they share.

Eternal by Mondial and our team of master craftsmen use only the most precious, sustainably and ethically sourced materials to hand make each ring. Fall in love with a ring from our ready to wear collection, or be inspired and customise your own entirely unique and personalised ring. Our aim is to provide each and every client with a ring and experience that will forever embody the most meaningful and treasured of occasions—an unforgettable step together on the path of the life journey they will share.

Eternal by Mondial proudly supports Marriage Equality, and is committed to creating a society whereby all couples have the opportunity to legally enjoy the sanctity of marriage.


In the 1950’s, Fred Neuman was travelling around Australia as a Jewellery wholesaler. Whilst on these trips, he would always purchase a beautiful piece of Jewellery as a gift for his wife, Maria.This charming act of love led to Fred and Maria opening their first Jewellery store together. “Carina Jewellers” opened in 1961 in Kings Cross, with the 12 items of jewellery that Fred had bought for Maria as their very first collection.

Today, Mondial remains a family business, with a designer boutique in the iconic ‘Strand Arcade’ and a flagship store in the historical “Queen Victoria Building”.
Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier boasts a collection of the largest selection of Argyle Pink Diamonds in the country.

Nadia is a multi-award winning designer, head designer for Mondial and manages ‘Mondial by Nadia Neuman’, which launched in late 2009, in The Strand Arcade.

“Eternal by Mondial” is the newest venture, inspired by our belief that the wedding and commitment rings worn to formally bond a couple should be as unique and special as the bond they share. We offer personalised, custom designed rings of exceptional quality, made from precious materials.

Collectively, the family boasts almost 100 years experience, meaning that customers receive the best expert advice when it comes to designing and making jewellery.

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